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In today’s content-saturated world with too many meetings and little time to catch up on the ‘how’ and ‘what’ of Digital Transformation and Agility I thought it was worth sharing some sites and people I follow to keep me in tune in the hope that it would help you too.

Who you choose to follow is massively important to your development in terms of understanding key hints insights, trends and developments from people who’ve lived through digital change already.

Here’s just some of the resources you should be reading (sign up for the newsletter) and following (Twitter/Linkedin) to better understand Digital Transformation and creating an Agile Business…

Harvard Business Review  @HarvardBiz – Posts are always great. I’ve searched ‘Digital Transformation’ here to save you the time.

CBInsights  @CBinsights – Disruption and start-up analysis with amusing yet highly insightful newsletter from CEO c0-founder.  @TheDigitalTP – The ‘sweet shop’ of Digital Transformation related posts and a host of other related topics. Worth signing up for the newsletter.

Rob Llewellyn  @robertllewellyn – Good newsletter and twitter stream.

AgileBusinessManifesto @neilperkin @peterjabraham – Ok so this is a plug for the book neil and me wrote, but also worth reading the blog we update regularly.

Brian Solis   @briansolis – Someone who’s been writing about change, social and digital for some time.

Dion Hinchcliffe @dhinchcliffe – Lots of depth to Dion’s thinking, always worth a read.

MCkinsey Quarterly @McKinsey – Always great observation and directives from McKinsey.

Daniel Newman @danielnewmanuv – Tweets a lot of relevant content!

Tim Creasey @timcreasey – Some great Linkedin posts on Change and Agile.

Stefan Wolpers @stefanw – Lots here from Stefan on Scrum, Agile and Product etc

John Cutler – His perspective on Product dev, Teams, Process etc

Simon Sinek @simonsinek – You should know this one already if not you should check out his TED and Youtube videos.

Ray Wang @rwang0 – Author, researcher…Tweets a lot of great content!

Medium – Lots here, i’ve searched ‘Digital Transformation’ here to save you the time.

Vala Afshar @ValaAfshar – Chief Evangelist at Salesforce…also Tweets a lot of great content! @econsultancy – Digital Marketing and Ecommerce insights related to both Organisations and Digital Agencies


Please add any influencers you follow that are not listed here in the comments section below to help others find the best resources.


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