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Today, we’re delighted to announce that our new book on digital transformation and organisational agility is NOW OUT. This has been sometime in the making – over six years of writing, thinking and doing in the field of digital transformation has led us to this point. That work has not only informed the approaches that we’ve taken in the book, but created the original impetus to write it.

From the beginning we have each believed that digital transformation is about both the people and the technology (in fact it is more the former than it is the latter), and that organisational operating models need to fundamentally change in response to the rapidly evolving competitive, consumer and company contexts that are shaping the modern business environment. So many books and articles deal with why businesses need to adapt to technologically driven change, so very few set out the how. So that’s the book that we’ve written.

We were determined to make this book as useful as possible to anyone trying to improve organisational agility whether you are a CEO, an HR Director, a team leader, or just interested to learn more about what change really means in the digital empowered world. We’re really pleased with how it’s turned out but don’t just take our word for it – here’s what a few respected industry practitioners said:

“An essential and comprehensive guide for those leading digital transformation in their business or wanting to truly understand the impact of digital on modern leadership practice.”

Louise Howells, Global Head of Leadership Development, TUI

“Neil and Peter are one of the best choices to help anyone respond to the challenges of digital transformation – and their book is a veritable goldmine as they share dozens of bottom lines and powerful stories with the reader. Read this book to not just innovate but to transform your business!”

Gerd Leonhard, Respected top-rated futurist, Author, Keynote Speaker, and CEO The Futures Agency

“A fantastic guide to conquering the challenges of continuous and accelerating change in today’s digital world. Neil and Peter are masters of agile business transformation, and they’ve bottled their experience and wisdom into a highly actionable book. A must-read for modern leadership.”

Scott Brinker, Author, Hacking Marketing

“I think this is an important book. A lot has been written about various aspects of ‘agile’ but nowhere else have I seen the thinking and practice brought to light so intelligently and comprehensively as here.”

Ashley Friedlein, Founder, Econsultancy

“The definitive guide for every executive and intrapeneur looking to navigate the exponential changes that every company must deal with or succumb to.

It’s the handbook you need to help you create company you always wished you worked at”

Faris Yakob, Award winning strategist, creative, public speaker, author ‘Paid Attention’

“Clear, thoughtful and packed with real practical advice. This is the definitive “How To” guide for an organisation going though Digital Transformation”

Marco Ryan, Chief Digital Officer & Exec Vice President

“Packed full of insights, actionable ideas and other people’s experiences, a toolkit to build on no matter where you sit in an organisation or the stage of change you’re at”

Sean Cornwell, Chief Digital Officer


It’s been a challenging but immensely fulfilling experience to write the book, but we felt it was a book that needed to be written. We hope you get a lot from it.

You can order the book on Amazon UK, and on Amazon US.  

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