Agile Business: The Three Contexts Shaping the Need for Change

What does ‘agile business’ really mean? Agile is already becoming an overused word inside many businesses and yet it is often poorly understood. Yes, Agile is a process but it is far more than that – in its broadest sense it defines a culture. And an opportunity for organisations to shape their processes, resources and priorities to become far more fit-for-purpose for the digital-empowered world in which they exist.

In our book we frame the need for this shift in terms of three key contexts that are changing more rapidly than ever: Consumer; Competitive; Company. It is the way in which these contexts are shifting that is shaping both the imperative for change and the pathway for achieving it. This is the difference between doing Agile and being agile

We’ve made a short video that is a brief introduction to our book, and captures these framing contexts:

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