Advocacy equals Authority

I recently spoke at the Wave Influence 2.0 summit in London about advocacy and authority (Brian Solis was keynote speaker and he gave an excellent presentation on Influence 2.0 – short overview from him here).

Digital Transformation and the need to develop more agile ways of working provides the perfect vehicle on which to drive employee advocacy …and employer branding.

You can download my presentation deck here Advocacy_equals_Authority.

The main points you should consider are:

  • Too many employees are either not engaged or actively disengaged
  • We’ll always have the same restrictions of lack of Budget, Time, Resource…maybe culture (behaviour)
  • You can tap into additional resource, thought leadership, and assist in changing behaviour (culture)
  • Employee Advocacy can be a competitive advantage
  • It provides those who are interested with an additional path to get involved, providing purpose and better understanding of what the organisation is trying to achieve
  • Organisations need  to increase individual engagement as part of customer centricity and customer contact, providing the right information at different parts of the decision making journey
  • Drive engagement of employee (across the org) and customer touchpoints
  • We need a Learning culture running alongside an Agile one, providing access to lessons in both success and failure…learn from everything you do as an organisation as a whole.
  • Personalised customer experiences need switching up and down between real people and artificial intelligence depending on needs at each stage, which is why customer journey analysis is fundamental
  • Ensure you involve HR and have a solid plan for on-boarding and ensure everyone understands risk and brand damage limitation and how you’ll respond in difficult situations.

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