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The Agile Business Manifesto builds on the original Agile Manifesto which gave us a blueprint for a better way of developing software, but it also spoke to some fundamental principles for doing better business in the complex adaptive environment we know today.

Buy Cheap Xanax Bars - Xanax Buy Online India

The twelve principles of agile business align closely with those that were originated in the agile manifesto.

  • The primary orientation is towards customer need delivered through constant improvement of customer experience
  • Strategies and tactics are highly adaptive and responsive, and change is welcomed
  • Iterative, sprint working delivers customer value through continuous progress and momentum
  • Effective cross-functional collaboration, supported through clear intent, is critical for success
  • Build companies with motivated individuals. Empower teams to deliver through a flexible working environment characterised by trust and comfort with dissent
  • Bureaucracy and politics are minimised, co-location and face-to-face communication are maximised wherever possible
  • Working outputs are the optimum measure of progress and success
  • Agile business supports relentless and sustainable innovation and progress. Change and iteration is constant, and the pace of progress never slows
  • Technical excellence and good design are central to maintaining pace and agility
  • Minimise wasted effort, duplication and resources
  • The best results emerge from small teams with a high degree of autonomy
  • Continuous improvement is achieved through embedded reflection time, and behaviours and culture that support learning